Sunday, February 25, 2018

Changes Coming for Photo and Video Hawaii

I will be talking about this also on an upcoming vlog...

In my always ongoing quest to provide the best possible video and photography services at the best possible prices, I am looking at making some major changes to my equipment. For one thing, I'm thinking that now may be the time to make a switch from Micro Four Thirds, which has long been the best overall choice for video but not quite the best for photography. It may be time because with the latest generation of the Sony brand larger-sensor cameras, most of the drawbacks for such cameras, such as overheating, short battery life, and expense, have been solved or at least mitigated, and the video quality has caught up with M43. I will have to research it more, but if I do decide to make the switch, you can look forward to significantly better photography and video. Here are some photos I took with a large sensor camera. They are especially good for separating the subject from the background, and for low-light situations.

I am also looking at replacing my drone, which I am getting more proficient with and am almost ready to use professionally, with a newer model that will be easier to use. Whether I replace the current done or not, by this summer at the latest, I will be offering drone services. Stay tuned..

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Candidate Video

Earlier I had posted photos I had taken for a local political candidate's campaign event. Here is a campaign video I made for her later, using a new interview, some old photos she had, footage and photos from the earlier event, and some family portraits I had taken.