Thursday, March 16, 2017

Episode Two of the New Vlog is Up

Episode Two of the new Vlog is up. The subject is why you should choose 4K for your event video, even if you don't see any difference from HD. It is a fact that most people in most situations are not going to see a difference, but it is still worthwhile, for the reasons I go over in the video. Please subscribe if you like what you see!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Two Great Lesser-Known Hawaii Locations For Photography

Yesterday I shot video for a wedding in which we did the formals in two wonderful, not so well-known locations. The first, called Sherwood Forest, is just a small spot at Waiamanalo Recreational Area. The kinds of trees found there, along with their just-right density, make it perfect for intimate portraits that avoid the Hawaii cliches of beaches and tropical foliage. The second spot, Lanai Lookout near Hanauma Bay, features magnificent rock formations. In this spot you would want to feature the landscape more prominently. Again, beautiful but not a typical Hawaiian look. These are stills from video.