Tuesday, December 13, 2016

65th Anniversary Celebration

This couple was still very spry! Lots of music and dance at this joyous occasion. This was a package with a separate photographer. I worked with Larry, who takes great pictures, but these are stills from my video.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Upcoming Changes for 2017

Look for some changes coming for the new year. Mainly, I am moving to shooting mostly in 4k. I will be using the new Sony FDR X3000 4K action cam frequently for shots where a lot of movement is required. I had been using a GoPro, but frankly, the quality just wasn't good enough for me. This Sony camera is significantly better in almost every aspect.
Sony FDR X3000 action cam, better than GoPro
I will also be simplifying my pricing, because too many people are confused by the packages I offer on the website. Some rates will be increasing, because of inflation and the move to mostly 4K, but also other rates will actually be going down.

Another big change is that I will move to displaying more photography and video on the website, and posting new work more often on this blog, so that you can more easily decide whether you want to use my services.

All of the above changes will be put in place by the end of January 2017. Later on in the year, I plan to launch a YouTube channel for vlogging.