Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Double Wedding at Magic Island

 Magic Island is a very convenient place to get married if you are staying in Waikiki. One spot with a great view of Diamond Head is a little bit removed from the crowds that are a downside of this location. This area of the park is near the yacht harbor entrance and a surf spot, but you may be competing for space with another wedding party!
 In this double wedding the mom and daughter were both tying the knot. They chose my package of video plus photos taken from directly from the video, so all these pics are from the video I shot.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"Framed" Photos

On this assignment I simply had to stand in one place and take a bunch of pictures as people posed behind this picture frame, using various props. This is when you are glad to have a flash unit that lasts a long time before you need to change batteries! The interesting thing about this event  honoring AM/PM franchisees was how many Indian people were in attendance. Later I remembered reading an article about how buying these franchises has become a long-standing tradition with Indian people. So the stereotype of the Indian convenience store owner really has some truth to it..