Saturday, January 18, 2014

Portraits at Waialae Beach park

Waialae Beach Park is a nice place to take portraits because of the many different settings and backgrounds in a small area. The main difficulties with this site are the crowds which are often here, and the erosion of the beach. But if you come late in the day the crowds thin out and you can get some nice shots like these.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Wedding at Lanikuhonua Beach





Lanikuhonua is a little-known beach tucked away next to the Paradise Cove Luau in Koolina on Oahu's west side. Like all beaches in Hawaii (except in areas owned by the military) it is a public beach. But since the only easy access to it is through the Lanikuhonua property, if you get married here you are likely to have this pretty beach with its lovely calm lagoon all to yourselves. The property grounds are also great for photography. For more info on using the property click here. Or if you are adventurous you could wade over to the beach from Paradise Cove. Awesome sunsets here, with the sunset mirrored in the lagoon. I shot video of this wedding; these are stills from the video.