Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Top Ten Secluded Oahu Beaches

Secluded beaches do exist on Oahu, and most of them are not hard to get to. Here is my subjective list of the top ten secluded beaches for weddings. Call or email to find out exactly where they are.
10. Papailoa Beach. This one's near some very crowded beaches of the north shore, but since it's hidden from the main road it can often be almost completely deserted, especially on weekends. It is not very wide and can be more windy than I like, but it has nice views of the north shore.
9. Makua Beach. The only reason this gorgeous, wide beach is not higher on my list is because the main reason it's secluded is that it's almost at the end of the road in Waianae.
8. Papaoneone Beach. This is another beautiful, wide beach in Waianae, not quite so far out, but hidden from the road. The main drawback are the apartment buildings that are the reason it's hidden.
7. Malaekahana Beach. This is another lovely beach that is secluded mainly because it's way up by the northern tip of the island.
6. Loulu Palm beach. This is a beautiful beach on the north shore that is almost always completely deserted because it is fronted by the private Loulu Palm estate. Unfortunately about the only easy way to get to this beach is by getting married at the estate, which is a popular but pricey venue for weddings.
5. West end of Sandy Beach. Sandy Beach is a well-known, crowded beach on Oahu's eastern tip, but few people use the west end because of the rocks along the shore. But those rocks make it more picturesque, and a great setting for photos.
Near Secret Island Beach
4. Secret Island Beach. This great beach by Kualoa Ranch is fairly easy to get to, yet very secluded because few people know it's there! It's not really an island and most of the people there are brought there by Kualoa Ranch. If you go all the way to the end of it it's always empty and there is a stunning backdrop of mountains and a fish pond.
3. Real Cove at the Ihilani Hotel. This one is so secret I can't find a name for it. Next to the artificial coves created when the Ko' Olina resort area near Waianae was developed. Even though it's next to the hotel, it's deserted because hotel guests always use the nearest artificial cove, which is bigger and more suitable for swimming. The real cove is much more picturesque, though.
2. Portlock Beach. I rank this one near Hawaii Kai high because it is very easy to get to and closer to Honolulu than the others, yet deserted most of the time.
1. Keiki Beach. I rank this north shore beach number one because although it is farther from town than some, it is one of Oahu's very best beaches. It's an awesome place to get sunset pictures.